For some people, going to the movies can be an emotional rollercoaster.

Directed by Amparo Bueno and Matt Ryan
Written by Amparo Bueno

Starring Joseph Wright Sulek
and Amparo Bueno

An odd couple of strangers, thrown together following some kind of doomsday event, argue over what caused the apocalypse. The only way to know for sure is to make it to high ground.

Written and Directed by Matt Ryan
Starring David Tarasi and Joseph Wright Sulek

Two friends ponder love and relationships as they wander a grocery store hours before one of them has a big date.

Directed by Joseph Wright Sulek
Written by Joseph Wright Sulek
and Rhett O’Hara
Starring Brendan K. O’Grady, Jon Mendoza and Liz Rische

After a freak accident involving his cell phone, a man must come to grips with his strange new “powers”.

Directed by Matt Ryan
Written by Andrew Olson and Matt Ryan
Starring Andrew Rosas, Jim Canning and Amparo Bueno

Two women who share a special gift struggle with their unique form of communication while also planning to put their power to full use for the first time.

Written and Directed by Eric Theisen
Starring Luba Shul and Olivia Vale

Two couples have dinner in a last ditch, poorly communicated effort two make the two guys finally succumb to friendship.

Written and Directed by Matt Ryan
Starring Joseph Wright Sulek, Katie Moore, Austin Alexander and Kristin Astourian

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