The right visual for your story.

I am a video marketing strategist. My goal with every client is to help build a robust video marketing plan and then execute on it as efficiently as possible, utilizing my years of marketing know-how to create work that is both beautiful and engaging.

I am a consultant, producer and project manager all rolled into one, able to provide services that span the entire production cycle. 


Some of my clients already have a fully-realized video concept ready to go and simply need a production team to bring it to life. But for an organization starting completely fresh, it can be overwhelming just determining where to begin.

If you’re new to video production or are searching for that perfect idea, I can serve as a consultant and guide through pre-production and planning, working with you to craft content that best suits your needs and represents your brand.

Wherever your starting point lies, I can help get your video projects off the ground by assisting with…

  • Script/Copy Writing
  • Storyboards
  • Locations
  • Talent (Live Action and/or Voice Over)
  • Additional Crew
  • Scheduling and Logistics


Once cameras are ready to roll, I can be your one-stop shop, providing, sourcing, hiring and managing everything and everyone you’ll need for a successful shoot…

  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Full 4K HD Cinematography
  • Aerial Video & Photos (More info below)
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Still Photography
  • Staging/Choreography
  • And More…



An aerial perspective helps your video marketing material stand out. From real estate to large scale events, a view from the air can yield stunning, memorable images that dramatically increase production value and instantly engage viewers.

I am a professional, trained, licensed and insured drone camera pilot.


Once production wraps, the work is just beginning. I offer a variety of post-production services designed to get your project across the finish line on-time, on-message and on-budget…

  • Editing
  • Motion Graphics & Animation (More info below)
  • Sound Mixing
  • Recording Voice Over
  • Music (Stock or original composition)
  • Color Correction & Grading


Not every product or company easily lends itself to live-action video. Recognizing that, I also offer motion graphic and animation services. Maybe your project is best served by an “infographic explainer” format or perhaps it requires fully animated, speaking characters.

I can leverage a network of artists and designers to create work specifically tailored to your needs.

 Example Motion Graphic Video – “EBQ’s Marketing Automation Services”

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