Hi, I’m Matt Ryan

I fell in love with filmmaking at a very young age. At age 15, I made my first short film and decided right then and there what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to tell stories, to create worlds, and to have a career that would hinge on collaborating with artists, professionals and innovators of all types.

In the years since that first foray, I’ve written and directed dozens more shorts and a handful of features that have played film festivals in the US and abroad. I’ve worked with everything from multi-platinum rock bands to a local traveling petting zoo, large national brands to young startups looking to get noticed. I’ve taken my passion for filmmaking and used it to craft stylish, cinematic visuals for a diverse array of clients across a wide spectrum of industries, genres and causes.

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Meanwhile, I am also a born marketer. Parallel to my life as a filmmaker I have garnered extensive experience as a marketing specialist, and over time have seen the two skill sets overlap to the point of virtually merging into one.

I value the importance of not merely “making a video” because it’s a marketing box to check off, but creating content that is designed to connect with your target audience and harmonize with your brand. After starting as a marketing intern for Miramax in 2004, I spent the following decade collecting experience as a graphic designer, copywriter, web developer and social media marketer for everything from established tech companies to fledgling nonprofits. In 2011 I earned a Bachelor’s of Applied Arts and Sciences with a focus in multimedia and I spent 3 years working as a corporate marketing project manager.

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I can be your partner in building a video marketing strategy. I have the professional equipment necessary to create beautiful video marketing material and the know-how to handle every phase of the production cycle from brainstorm to launch.

Video has become essential to marketing almost anything you can think of. Gone are the days when visitors spent substantial time browsing your website, reading pages of text to learn more about your company, product or cause. Now, potential customers expect to be engaged instantly and visually. And with everyone carrying a high-definition camera in their pocket the sheer amount of video content appearing online each minute is mind-boggling.

Now, more than ever, it is important to stand out. 

With a knack for vibrant, cinematic visuals and a special focus on messaging and marketing reach, I can create beautiful, effective video marketing content that grows your audience and amplifies your message.

Whether meant to be watched on a 4 inch cell phone or a 50-foot movie theater screen, I create video that supports your goals, aligns with your standards and, most importantly, respects your story.

Above all, I understand that most organizations are already stretched thin between existing marketing initiatives and the myriad of general day-to-day operational responsibilities. Therefore I function as a “one-stop-shop”, a single point of contact for your video needs.

I offer services spanning the entire production cycle, from pre-production and planning to shooting, editing, animating and everything in between. My client projects are collaborations in which I work with you to craft the appropriate look and tone for your branded video content. And I serve as a project manager, assisting in casting actors, sourcing voiceover talent, or anything your project may require.

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